Hard coal is one of the most important fuels, which is widely used in industry and households. 


Our company has been supplying hard coal to EU markets for more than 5 years. 

We offer high quality hard coal. It undergoes strict quality control to ensure that it meets high standards: high density, low sulphur and ash content, and high caloric content. This makes it an ideal choice for use in boilers, furnaces, generators and other appliances requiring high energy efficiency and reliability.


Our company has long-term direct contracts with many major coal producers in Russia and railway transport companies in Russia and the EU, which makes it possible to supply the product with a wide range of quality indicators with delivery anywhere in Europe.


We offer coal of different fractions, which allows our customers to choose the most suitable option for their specific needs. 

We also provide transshipment services according to the scheme:

  • broad gauge wagon - narrow gauge wagon 
  • broad gauge wagon - road transport 
  • wide gauge wagon - storage yard 


Our terminal provides a full cycle of coal transshipment, including customs and transport documents.


Technological process and types of works:

  • carrying out a range of services to control the quality of SGS;
  • weighing of 1435 mm gauge wagons when entering / leaving the terminal(s);
  • unloading / loading is carried out by FUCHS grab unloaders and front loaders;
  • bulk cargo is stored on concrete pads with a storage capacity of up to 60,000 tonnes;
  • illumination of the railway wagon delivery front will allow loading and unloading operations 24 hours a day;
  • placement of crushing and sorting complexes at the terminal makes it possible to carry out crushing, sorting and labelling operations for bulk and bulk cargo.


Terminal infrastructure:

  • Perimeter fencing of the terminal territory by reinforced concrete fence, access to the terminal territory is under round-the-clock security and is carried out through a checkpoint.
  • Security video surveillance system;
  • Two 1520 mm railway tracks and two 1435 mm railway tracks with a total length of 4060 metres.
  • Concrete pads with a total area of over 23,000 m² for storage of bulk and bulk cargoes up to 60,000 tonnes.
  • Railway scales on each track, with a capacity of up to 150 tonnes;
  • Truck scales with a capacity of up to 60 tonnes;
  • Two TEREX FUCHS grapple excavators for transshipment work.
  • Four XCMG ZL50G and XCMG ZL30G front loaders.




mail: coal@transit.by , sales@transit.by

tel.: +375 33 6400388