Material handling equipment is an important element of the supply chain that can significantly improve the efficiency and speed of warehouse operations.

We are able to analyse data and determine the most effective ways to use the equipment depending on the specific conditions, and we develop and implement methods that demonstrate the benefits of using material handling equipment, such as increased productivity and reduced labour costs.


Overall, the use of material handling equipment is an important element in our terminal operations that helps to improve our efficiency and competitiveness.


Our equipment fleet is represented by:

  • front loaders 4 units
  • forklifts 1.5 - 7 tonnes - 20 units
  • gantry crane 32 tonnes, with additional equipment
  • special truck crane 120 tonnes
  • special truck crane 25 tonnes
  • all-wheel drive TEREX loaders 2 units
  • self-propelled wheel-reversing tractor KHTZ
  • belt loaders 20 and 30 metres
  • ramps




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