Oversize and project transport is the carriage of goods that are outside the established norms in terms of size or weight (long, wide or tall goods and heavy loads).

Carriage may include the transport of oversized structures such as bridges, oil rigs, turbines, generators, locomotives, ships and other heavy equipment, as well as unusual and non-standard cargo. 


Organising oversized and project shipments requires serious preparation, which includes:

  • assessing the cargo and route (calculating the exact dimensions and weight of the cargo, as well as choosing the best route, taking into account road obstacles and other conditions);
  • obtaining all necessary special authorisations and documents from the competent authorities;
  • Preparation of vehicles and equipment (determining the appropriate mode of transport: rail, road, sea or air, as well as preparing specialised equipment such as cranes, tractors, containers, etc.);
  • Coordination of work (coordination of the work of all project participants, including the consignee, carrier and other parties involved in the transport);
  • ensuring the safety of cargo, personnel and the environment;
  • solving additional problems that may arise, such as weather conditions, technical problems of vehicles and others. It is necessary to have an action plan to address them.


Out-of-gauge and project transportations are complex and responsible tasks that require professional approach and experience. Our specialists will help you to transport your cargo without any problems.




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