The operation of our cargo terminal is a complex process, involving a number of stages, from paperwork to the handling and movement of cargo.

  One of the main stages of our cargo terminal's operations is customs control procedures. We comply with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus and the Customs Union and observe the regulations and requirements for cargo customs clearance.

 An important part of our terminal operations is to comply with all relevant security measures. This can include checking consignments for banned or hazardous substances, ensuring goods are stored safely in the warehouse, and adhering to safety regulations when moving them onto vehicles.

  Furthermore, our cargo terminal staff are fully aware of the regulations and requirements of customs and tax legislation, so as to ensure correct paperwork and minimise the risk of irregularities.

  Our terminal operations are organised to the highest standard, with professionalism and attention to detail ensuring that cargo is handled safely and efficiently in accordance with current legislation.